7 Do’s and Don’ts in Business for Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing for businesses is incomplete without the use of social media in the present era. Most people use social media for marketing the products and services their company or organization offers for its customers. Here are some do’s and don’ts of social media marketing.


Things businesses must take care of in their social media marketing activities includes the following: 

  1. Choose the right platform

There is a need to choose the right platform for your business. The people on different media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., have varying minds.

2. Produce unique content

Every social media marketing platform has distinctive needs regarding the content posted, so you should be keen on producing unique content for each platform.

3. Keep an eye on analytics

For running social media campaigns, keeping a check on analytics is crucial. Analytics show how much the viewers like each post.

4. Producing an engaging and attractive post

The post must bring conversions for the business, which is the ultimate goal of marketing, and it requires eye-catching pictures and exciting content.

5. Interact with the audience

Keep interacting with your audience and be responsive to the queries or the essential comments on your posts.

6. Branding your online business

Create a brand identity for your business and display the quality of your business. That will make you more recognizable among the consumers.

7. Profile

Firstly, there should be separate personal and business profiles. Secondly, the profile must get updated, complete and be attractive. That leaves first impression about your business.


Some of the things which should get avoided while using social media marketing platforms include:

  1. There is a need to avoid the duplication of content on every social media platform. The content must be modified and adaptive for each platform.
  2. Do not always avoid negative feedback on your posts; there is a need to be polite and respond to your customers to resolve conflicts.
  3. Try to be different from your competitors. No need to copy them; come up with your ideas instead.
  4. Never ignore what analytics say about your posts; it can help regulate the campaigns to be more profitable for you. 
  5. Do not start the paid promotion too early for your business. Make sure to have some posts already uploaded on your social media account.
  6. Do not request to follow or share your post all the time to the viewers, which may ruin your reputation.
  7. Do not repeat the content in every post you share. Bring new and fresh material for the viewers. It will not let them be bored by your posts.

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